MTSP-C Recertification

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The recertification program is to support continuous competence and professional development of IBSC certificants. The recertification cycle for the Certified Medical Transportation Safety Professional (MSTP-C) is every four (4) years. During the four (4) year period you must demonstrate ongoing continuing education and/or position duties that exemplify your continued growth in safety related education in the critical care transport industry.

Recertifying your MTSP-C certification:

1. Submit your recertification materials directly to

2. If you do not already have an IBSC account, please create one at 

3. Purchase your MTSP-C recertification through the IBSC Store here

MTSP-C recertifications will be processed once the above steps have been completed. For more information, please visit and refer to the MTSP-C Recertification Guidelines.