Certification Recognition Plaques

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$100.00 - $120.00
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Product Overview

Recognize your staff's accomplishments by ordering this 12-plate (or) 24-plate IBSC Recognition plaque! Plaques are available to companies/bases who want to recognize their 100% certified members within their organization. 

Once you've purchased your plaque, you'll receive an email from IBSC requesting the names and certification numbers to be engraved on your plaque.

Item Description:

  • 12-plate plaque: 10"x15" 1/2"
  • 24-plate plaque: 13 1/2"x18 1/2"
  • All plaques come with silver frame, black matting, silver IBSC logo large plate on top, small silver plates for engraving
  • Small plates have removable Velcro backings that can be easily interchangeable 

*Includes: shipping, taxes, fees, and small plate engravings with initial order*