TP-C Exam (CA)

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Product Overview

This link is to be used by the Army Ignited finance department representative to pay for all IBSC examinations. 

FINANCE DEPARTMENT REPRESENTATIVE: Please contact the IBSC Operations Manager at to provide the following information:

  1. Service Member Name (First and Last)
  2. Service Member Email (Army Email and Personal Email/if applicable)
  3. Exam Type Requested: (Ex: CCP-C, CP-C, FP-C, WP-C, TP-C, or TR-C)

After the examination(s) has been purchased, the IBSC will send the service member a voucher number(s) to be used to schedule their examination(s).

Please Note:  The US Army is not affiliated with the IBSC and does not endorse its services. Additionally, the Department of Defense and the Department of the Army are neither affiliated with, nor endorse the IBSC.